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May, 14th, 2004 - Public Forum is open

This web has now a companion Forum with a section for Spanish and another one for English and other foreign languages. You can post and read there questions, comments, critics, suggestions or any other topics Mod-related.

May, 9th, 2004 - Version 0.3 is out

Version 0.3 of the Reconquista Mod is available in our Downloads section. The complete list of improvementes and modifications is available in the Change Log section, although the main change this version has got is a new unit costs balance that will make the mercenary and religious units have their true value.

In the future, a new patch for the Mod will be published adding a new Era with unbalanced mercenaries, as they are supposed to be in the upcoming MP Campaign. For normal MP games, use the current 0.3 version, please.

Official web site for the Reconquista Mod launched

Today, May 10th, 2004, we are happy to announce the launch of the official web site for the Reconquista Mod. Even when we still lack some of the sections, we will add new content to this site as it gets available, both in spanish and english versions. Of course, any help that you can offer is more than welcome, including translations and suggestions. Enjoy!

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