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Reconquista Mod

Since the Allah warriors crossed the Straits of Gibraltar in the beginning of the VIII Century until January of 1492, when the beautiful moorish city of Granada defeated to the catholic troops, the Iberian Peninsula was the scenario of a fascinating historical age: La Reconquista. For hundreds of years, a miriad of kingdoms went up and down struggling to gain a place in the History.

This Mod for Medieval Total War: Viking Invasion is focused in the period that goes from the collapse of the Cordoba Caliphate, in 1031, until the ending of the XII century. Through this time flourished and eventually faded away the kingdoms of taifas, Toledo (the Tajo city) fell down, El-Cid forged his legend, the Murabitin raids came from North Africa and much more happened. Re-enact the bloody and fierce battles of that era, commanding armies from the several kingdoms established in the Peninsula.

Muslim or Catholic? Choose your side... It is the Total War!!!


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